OneStat Free Visitor Monitoring Glossary.


This guide was created to enable our new members to start using the OneStat Free web counter just like our more experienced ones in a matter of minutes. When using visitor monitoring services like OneStat Free you need to know the meaning of frequently used internet terminology (internet jargon) in the web traffic analysis industry.

OneStat Free

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OneStat Platinum

Advanced web analytics for marketers who want to track visitor behavior, online advertising campaigns and measure Return on Investment in detail. Professional web site statistics software developed for medium to large web sites. Pricing starts at $ 1810, 1038 GBP or 1500 Euro per year for up to 1 million pageviews per month.
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OneStat Premium

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OneStat Adworks

The most comprehensive web analytics tool for measuring and tracking the ROI of online advertising and marketing campaigns like banner advertising, text links, Google Adwords®, Yahoo Search Marketing and other PPC campaigns. Low priced at $467, 260 GBP or 375 Euro per year.
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Application Service Provider. A company that sells software-based services and solutions over the Internet. is an ASP in the visitor monitoring industry.

Average Pageviews per Visitor

The number of pages each visitor looks at on average.


A program used to locate and view web pages. These include Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and others.

Color Palettes

This report tells you the number of colors that visitors' monitors support. This information is important when designing graphics for your site.


This report tells you what continents your visitors are coming from. This information will help you understand what part of the world your visitors are from.


Persistent Client-State HTTP Cookies are files containing information about visitors to a web site (for example, browser type and visitor preferences). During the first visit to a web site, the server records this information in a text file and stores the file on the visitor's hard drive. When the visitor accesses the same web site again, the server looks for the cookie and can configure itself based on the information stored on the cookie.


This report shows the countries that your visitors are coming from. This information is calculated based ip-number from which the visitor originates, very important for visitor monitoring.

Domain Name

The text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the Internet.

Entry Pages

The number of times that each page was viewed first on a visitors' click path to your site. Typically, the root page should be very high, if not highest, on the list.

Exit Pages

The number of times that each page was last on a visitors' click path to your site. Typically, the root page should not be very high on the list, unless you have a lot of dynamic content that users only need to see once.

First time Visitors

The number of visitors who come to your site for the first time. A first time visitor is determined by the absence of a cookie.

IP Address

Internet Protocol address identifying a computer connected to the Internet.


A popular scripting language that is widely supported in Web browsers and other Web tools with which you can write scripts such as the code.


This report details the primary language used by your visitors' browsers. Every time a page is requested from your site, it specifies a preferred language for the page. Understanding what languages your visitors use will help you customize content and to develop alternate pages for visitors who read different languages

Log File

A file created by a web or proxy server that contains all of the access information regarding the activity on that server.

Pageviews counts a page view as the download of a web page and the execution of the WTL JavaScript it contains. In terms of hits, only HTML pages, dynamic pages, and forms containing the JavaScript would be considered page views, not hits to images, audio files, video files, or ads.


The operating system (Windows 95, Windows NT, etc.).


The URL of an HTML page that refers visitors to a site.

Returning Visitors

The number of visitors who have been to your site prior to this report period and have come back. Returning visitors are determined by the cookie. Returning visitors are counted as unique returning visitors, that is, they are counted only once for the report period. Of course OneStat Free is monitoring your returning visitors also.

Screen Resolution

The number of pixels (width and height) a visitor uses to view web pages. I.E. 800x600, 1024x768.


A computer that hosts information available to anyone accessing the Internet or an internal intranet.

Search Engines

This report shows what search engines your visitors are coming from. It ranks a search engine based on the number of visitors that reached your site through that engine.

Search Phrase

This report shows the search words and phrases that were used in search engines to reach your site. As this list grows, you will want to add missing words to your META KEYWORD tag on each page to increase search engine referrers.

Time Zones

This report shows you the time zones that your visitors are in. This report will help you understand how your visitor base is distributed and if you have a particular customer base in a specific time zone.

Unique Visitors

Daily Unique Visitors are unique visitors on any given day. Daily Unique Visitors are either first-time or returning visitors. Daily Unique Visitors are counted once for the day even though they may visit more than once during the day. A visitor will be unique if it hasn't visit your web site for 30 minutes.


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