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OneStat Free is the best free hit counter available. It is password protected, has the ability to track unlimited web pages and tells you everything about your visitors and web site. 100% Free!
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OneStat Platinum

Advanced web analytics for marketers who want to track visitor behavior, online advertising campaigns and measure Return on Investment in detail. Professional web site statistics software developed for medium to large web sites. Pricing starts at $ 1810, 1038 GBP or 1500 Euro per year for up to 1 million pageviews per month.
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OneStat Premium

Professional web metrics software for SME, providing detailed analysis about unique visitors, site navigation paths, search engines traffic and geographic origin of visitors. True value for money, with prices starting at $275, 150 GBP or 220 Euro per year.
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OneStat Adworks

The most comprehensive web analytics tool for measuring and tracking the ROI of online advertising and marketing campaigns like banner advertising, text links, Google Adwords®, Yahoo Search Marketing and other PPC campaigns. Low priced at $467, 260 GBP or 375 Euro per year.
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I must tell you that I'm stunned by the high level of this site. You have truly a done a wonderful job here, and there is no doubt that this is the best free hit counter of the web.

Our compliments to your hit counter service. First we thought 'no not another counter' . But your web site statistics are different. A very good look and feel and the service is fast and reliable.

This is a very nice offer and 100 percent free, amazing! A really good piece of programming and the best web analytics service I know. Thanks!


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Product portfolio

OneStat Enterprise - The most advances web analytics solution for large web sites
OneStat Platinum - Excellent web site analytics for medium to large web sites

OneStat AdWorks - Competitive priced site statistics to track oline shopping and campaigns

OneStat eBusiness - Detailed web metrics for SME to track visitors, online shopping and marketing campaigns

OneStat Premium - Competitive priced web site statistics for SME
OneStat Pro - Value for money site metrics with standard reports about visitor behavior

OneStat Free - The ultimate free hit counter
OneStat Basic - Great web site tracker


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